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Bressay and Noss Shetland Visitor The island shields the town from the full force of the sea, creating an excellent natural harbour and enabling the development of Lerwick as an important port, although the sheltered waters of Bressay Sound have provided a safe anchorage for shipping since Viking times. <strong>Bressay</strong> and Noss Shetland Visitor
Bressay, the 'broad island' from ON breiðey lying a mile or so east of. Ward Hill, the hhest point at 742ft, is crowned with tall television transmitter masts.

Dalton Maag Bressay Noss is a Nature Reserve – a superb island to see seabirds on dramatic cliffs and can be reached by ferry from Bressay or via special boat trips from Lerwick. Dalton Maag <u>Bressay</u>
Bressay. Bressay CS Header. Bressay CS Intro. Bressay CS Carousel. and Desn; Michael Cunliffe Hinting; Mark Ward Hinting; Ron Carpenter Desn.

Walking Bressay, the ‘broad island’ (from ON breiðey) lying a mile or so east of Lerwick, allows you to exchange the bustle of town for a rural island atmosphere after only a seven-minute ferry crossing. Walking
Ward Hill, 217, 712, HZ 20838 73402. Ward of Bressay, 226, 741, HU 50287 38722. Ward of Scousburgh, 263, 863, HU 38791 18803. White Grunafirth, 173.

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