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Riemann hypothesis solved

Proposed disproofs of the Riemann Hypothesis Along with suitable generalizations, some mathematicians consider it the most important unresolved problem in pure mathematics (Bombieri 2000). Riemann Hypothesis not proved by Nerian mathematician Opeyemi Enoch, despite numerous media claims published on 17th November.

Riemann hypothesis - quote Riemann (1826 - 1866) observed that the frequency of prime numbers is very closely related to the behavior of an elaborate function solutions of the equation ζ(s) = 0 lie on a certain vertical straht line. In mathematics, the Riemann hypothesis is an open problem in the field of number theory. Poincaré conjecture solved

Riemann Hypothesis not proved The Aperiodical First published in Riemann's groundbreaking 1859 paper (Riemann 1859), the Riemann hypothesis is a deep mathematical conjecture which states that the nontrivial Riemann zeta function zeros, i.e., the values of other than , , , ... Unfortunately, it looks like in this case it's not a real proof of the Riemann Hypothesis, and this post on a Nerian discussion forum says.

Riemann hypothesis solved:

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